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BG Baseball families,

We are doing some awesome things at BG Baseball in regards to travel baseball. We have now taken under our wing, the 8, 9, and 10u age groups to add to our 11-14u Diamond Cats age groups. These teams will go by the name "BG Blast". We are hoping to get everyone together for an informational meeting. Since we know everybody has busy schedules, we are offering 2 different dates for you to choose between to express interest, ask questions, or to just get involved. Please try and attend one of the two dates listed below if you want to play travel, are playing travel, think you may want to play travel, or you just want to know what it's all about.

We have added the 8-10u age groups to coincide with our house program. We want to develop a program that focuses on teaching fundamentals of the game, while building strong bonds between our kids as they play together over the next few years leading up to high school. We have teamed up with the coaching staff at BGHS, They will hold clinics for our 8-14 travel teams. They will also hold coaches clinics to make sure we all are on the same page as to what we are teaching and help with different techniques in order to reach goals.

We think this program can be successful if we put our heads together and make it work! We have a ton of details to work out. We want to build a strong varsity program for these kids when they reach HS. Let's do great things together to grow the love of the game while teaching our kids the fundamentals.

As I said before, we want to partner this new program up with the house league. We would like it if the 8-10 age groups play a full house schedule, and then either supplement that with a few tournaments (travel) to play an extra 10 or so games, or if the coach wants to, they can enter into the NWOABL travel league to get an additional 20 or so games. We will leave this up to the individual coaching staff. We want to make our house league a better instructional league. We want to get several HS and college coaches involved to develop a plan to help the current coaches learn what they need to teach for each age group. We want to make it a little easier for these coaches to know what to teach, when to teach it, and how to run practices, etc. Our goal is to have a system for these coaches to get help and to know what to do.

We have discussed cost, and game schedules, etc, but we have not nailed anything down yet. We know travel is expensive, and we will not expect players in this 8-10 age program to pay what the 11-14 age groups pay. We also think this program will slowly introduce players and families to the world of travel baseball. It is very expensive, and we know some may not want to pay that kind of money for 8,9, or 10 u baseball (this is why Carter Park has kept out of the 8-10 travel business until now). We know our house program can still be great. We are trying to help teach these kids fundamentals to better prepare them for travel and HS.

We will be discussing this at these two sessions, so again, please try and attend.

Meeting Dates:

Sunday July 27th 8pm Carter Park Red Bldg
Sunday Aug 3rd 4pm Carter Park Red Bldg

Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or concerns. My number is 419-450-8115
If you cannot attend and want info, send me an email and I'll send it to you.

Fred Riggs
Vice President BG Baseball
Travel Commissioner

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